[10,11] These slight differences could be explained by the analyt

[10,11] These slight differences could be explained by the analytical method that was used.[11,12] On the other hand, the fact that no significant sequence effect was observed in either the fasting or the fed treatment period of the study indicates that the washout period was appropriate and buy Combretastatin A4 that no carryover effect was present. The effect of sex was

studied as a descriptive analysis. No statistically significant differences in the pharmacokinetic parameters between male and female subjects were observed in either the fasting or the fed states. It should be noted that female subjects had a longer tmax in the fed state than in the fasting state. Doxylamine succinate is available as an over-the-counter hypnotic agent and in many cough and cold formulations. The healthy subjects included in this study were young (between 20 and 53 years old). The absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of doxylamine did not seem to be significantly affected by the age or by the sex of the subjects, although the clearance of doxylamine could be reduced in elderly men but not in elderly women.[8,9] In a post hoc analysis, no sex effect was observed. The results obtained

in this study could be extrapolated to the general population, although studies in an elderly population would be necessary. Overall, the doxylamine hydrogen succinate Sclareol 25 mg film-coated tablet was generally

safe and well see more tolerated by the subjects in this study. It should be noted that most of the subjects experienced somnolence under both fasting and fed conditions when administered doxylamine hydrogen succinate 25 mg, although somnolence and sleep induction seemed to be more frequent under fed conditions. Certain aspects of the study design should be considered before drawing conclusions for future users of doxylamine hydrogen succinate, as the open-label, single-dose design and the fact that the study population consisted of healthy subjects could lead to underestimation or overestimation of the generalizability of the results beyond the population and conditions that were studied. Conclusion The usual criteria used to assess the food effect of the test formulation were fulfilled. The fed : fasting ratio of the geometric LS means and the corresponding 90% confidence intervals for Cmax and AUCt were within the range of 80–125%. Doxylamine hydrogen succinate 25 mg film-coated tablets are judged to be bioequivalent under fed and fasting conditions. Consequently, high-fat, high-calorie food BKM120 in vitro intake does not affect the kinetics of doxylamine in healthy subjects. Acknowledgments Sebastián Videla and Mounia Lahjou contributed equally to this study.

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